Common Cents GOF 09 2010


Eric Burman and the Common Cents Band

A few people have been singing bluegrass's death-knell in recent times, saying the genre should get some life insurance quotes. But in contradiction to that nonsense, the popularity of Ricky Skaggs and others have shown that this type of music is alive and well. Come down and experience some fine bluegrass with The Common Cents Band.

News Release: Common Cents Band lead by Eric Burman, has been entertaining this year at places like the Paco Festival, The Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival, The May Fair stage, and the Brookdale Bluegrass Festival. Eric Burman has served on the Board of the Northern California Bluegrass Society for quite a few years as Vice President, and is the Festival Director of the Good Old Fashion Bluegrass Festival. The band offers an array of vocalists including Stephanie Sakisi and Laurie Shoemaker, who harmonize with Eric's soaring vocals. Each also sing and lead their own songs in addition to the songs written by and sung by Eric Burman as well as the standards of bluegrass the band performs including songs by Bill Monroe the father of Bluegrass Music, like "Walls of Time." The band offers excellent lead soloists including Sam Sternlight on Mandolin and guitar, and Elicia Burton on Violin. Elicia is also on the board of the Northern California Bluegrass Society and has been serving this non-profit organization as Treasurer, and has done fund raising for the group with raffles as well as being a leader in the event planning for the May Bluegrass Fair in San Lorenzo Park, a free event, given in Santa Cruz, CA. The band includes veteran stand-up bass player Mike Baroni, who keeps the band together with precession. The Band has been taking time this summer with recording studio sessions, and gigs at festivals and private parties. This band is fun to watch, and enjoyable to listen to, playing songs that have become infamous with their ever growing audience, such as home spun "Highway 9." Please see their numerous videos on You Tube and Face book.

Common Cents has entertained at these events:
Felton Library Friends Ice Cream Social, 2007 & 2008
San Lorenzo Park, Duck Pond Summer Concerts June,and Oct 2008
Brookdale Bluegrass Festival 2007, '08, '09
Good Old Fashioned Bluegrass Festival 2008



Sam Sternlight is the icing on the cake.
One of the best lead guitarists I've ever played with, now plays the mandolin too, adding even more class to this bluegrass sound.

Sam Sternlight

Laurie Shumaker sings the high part, and Stephanie Sakasai sings in the middle

Steph, Laurie, Sam, and Eric

Common Cents GOF 09 2010

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